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Department of Earth
and Space Sciences

Physics Minor

Students who complete coursework necessary to satisfy the requirements associated with physics minor are fully eligible to obtain the physics minor. This is regardless of what other degree this coursework was taken toward.

What classes do I need to take?

18 semester hours including: PHYS 2211/2311, PHYS 2212/2312, and 10 hours from the following courses: PHYS 3100, PHYS 3200, PHYS 4100, PHYS 4205, and PHYS 5555. Select from the following if Principles of Physics courses are applied to Area D: ASTR 1105, ASTR 1106, ASTR 3105, ASTR 3115, ASTR 3205, ASTR 5105, ENGR 2116, ENGR 2117, ENGR 2165, ENGR 2316, ISCI 5555, and PHYS 1325.

Why should I get a physics minor?

Physics is a fundamental science and has direct relevance both to all other sciences and to any of the modern technologies. If you are a science major, a minor in physics can give you an edge in multidisciplinary and technological aspects of your field. For example, for a life science major, biophysics may be an attractive field of research or employment and deeper understanding of the processes behind the medical technology may open a range of additional options for you.
If you are majoring in humanities, business or other non-science fields, additional exposure to fundamentals of science and technology is bound to stick you out of the crowd given the ubiquitous presence of these domains in our lives.

Will it help me in my area of study?

If you are a science major, some, or many of the courses that are required for physics minor may be already part of your program and only few additional courses might be required.

What can a physics minor do for me long term?

Glad you asked. It can:

  • enrich your career with deeper science/technology component and open job options that you would not have otherwise
  • enable you to work on specialized projects otherwise less accessible only with your major field of study
  • serve as a tiebreaker or give you an advantage over an equally qualified competitor

I'm afraid I won't be able to succeed in Physics courses, is there support?

Yes. Physics faculty are dedicated to give you all the support you need and you may ask for. In addition our math and science Learning Center is there to provide additional tutoring and help.