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Department of Earth
and Space Sciences

Outreach Affiliates

The Earth and Space Sciences Department works closely with several of Columbus State University's outreach centers to give students hands-on experience and involve them in research projects. These include:

  • The Coca-Cola Space Science Center includes the Mead Observatory, which provides the telescopes and other equipment for astronomy lab classes. The Mead Observatory's primary telescope is used for student research projects on solar activity, and for classes on observing techniques. It is capable of remote telescope control and imaging via the Internet, bringing observing into school classrooms around the world and enabling CSU students first-hand experience in science education. Also featured is the Omnisphere Planetarium, which allows three-dimensional high-resolution imaging of the sky at any time and location, as well as sophisticated models and programming demonstrating various astronomical topics. In addition, the Space Science Center provides a variety of equipment invaluable in teaching astronomy, such as the Magic Planet three-dimensional display of satellite maps for planetary surfaces and atmospheres; an infrared camera; an "All-Sky" rooftop camera; and an assortment of physics and optics demonstrations.
  • The Academic Center for Tutoring has the dual purpose of assisting CSU students and faculty to learn and teach science, mathematics, English, and more. Faculty and teachers can learn about the latest pedagogical approaches, teaching tools, and classroom technologies. Students can gain experience in teaching both through education workshops and by doing first-hand peer tutoring. Other students, of course, gain the benefit of this tutoring to advance their understanding of math and science. Not only can you make an appointment to see a tutor across most disciplines, you can check out their resource database as well!
  • Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center is located within a natural park which includes wetlands, hardwood forests, and meadows. It provides an ideal location to study environmental science through the hands-on observation of these ecosystems. It is soon to open a newly remodeled building featuring classrooms, an auditorium, live animals and interactive displays.