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Let Us Give a Round of Applause to Dr. Kimberly Shaw 10/5/2015 

Dr. Kim Shaw Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kim Shaw, who was honored with the 2015 Rod Nave award by the Southeastern Association for Science Teacher Education! The Rod Nave award is a special honor for a supporter of the science education community and SASTE. It is named after Rod Nave, a professor of physics at Georgia State University, who designated special classes for science teachers using the latest technologies and emphasizing the conceptual physics approach. This award is typically given to a person who represents a significant connection between the sciences and the science education community. A well deserved honor for Dr. Shaw.




Students of a Sustainable World Rally Together to Clean up the Wearacoba Creek 10/3/2015 

ESS Volunteers Gathered together for a group picture Over 100 CSU students showed up to pull trash out of 1.2 miles of Weracoba Creek in Lakebottom Park, Columbus, as part of the 2015 Help The Hooch. Most of these students are enrolled in Sustainability and Environment this semester with Dr. Dan Holt. After cleaning up the creek, students separated recyclables such as aluminum, plastic, and steel from the remaining trash and hauled them to recycling trucks standing by at Golden Park






CSU Geology Students to Present Summer Research at GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC- 8/15/14

Rylleigh Harstad and Jeannie Patrick will travel to Vancouver, BC this October to present summer research.  Abstracts for the poster presentations can be found by clicking the links below.




Recent Graduate Daniel Black Accepts Position with U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in Alamosa, CO- 8/6/14
Daniel Black (M.S. Environmental Science, 2014) has accepted the position of Physical Science Technician with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in Alamosa, CO.  The project he will be working on, the Closed Basin Project, uses a system of wells and channels to transfer water from the closed basin to the Rio Grande to help meet downstream water supply needs.  This position incorporates both field and lab work. Daniel also interviewed for positions in Bremerton, WA and Pearl Harbor, HI, but chose Alamosa, CO because of his interest in water resources management and hydrology.  

daniel black

Rylleigh Harstad, Ridge Smenner, and Sal Espinosa work in University of Florida Labs thanks to NSF Grant- 7/29/14
As a part of an NSF funded grant, AIPG officers Salvador Espinosa, Ridge Smenner, and Rylleigh Harstad travelled to Gainesville, FL with Dr. Clint Barineau for the opportunity to work in the labs at the University of Florida. While there, the three of them worked with CSU alumnus/previous AIPG CSU chapter member and current graduate student/teaching assistant at UF, Austin Sagul on a variety of projects. Dr. Paul Mueller of UF was their host for the week, and was able to give them an inside look at the work involved with being a graduate student at a large research institution. They had the opportunity to work with some incredible equipment, including an SEM, XRF, and ICP mass spectrometer, and gained invaluable experience from the trip.

 Check out a video of what they were doing here. Rylleigh Harstad explains, "This piece of equipment, made by Katanax, makes glass disks, or 'beads' as we called them at UF, that can then be placed in the XRF in order to perform geochemical analysis on our rock samples. In order to make the beads, a mixture of lithium borate and very finely ground rock powder of each sample is placed into a platinum crucible, which is then placed in the machine. It makes up to five beads at a time, and heats the crucibles to over 1200 degrees Centigrade before pouring the molten mixture into the platinum molds for the beads. The result is a completely translucent glass disk that can then be placed in the XRF. This video captures the most impressive step of the entire 15-20 minute process, the pouring of the molten mixture into the molds."

sal barineau mass spc

CCSSC Receives Mounts for Radio Telescopes - 7/29/14
The Radio Telescopes at the Coca Cola Space Science Center now have mounts. Some students will soon have the the opportunity to practice radio astronomy which allows  us to "better see galaxies and even black holes", according to recent CSU graduate John Hood. "This technology will also help us to gain a better understanding of solar activity by detecting radio fluxes during solar activity such as flares and CME."

In addition to the radio telescope mounts,  CCSSC also recently added the "Astro Cam" to their Real-time Network. The "Astro Cam will show night time objects that are bright enough to stream.


Paper Co-authored by Dr. Rosa Williams has been accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal 7/28/14
"Physical Nature of the [S II]-bright Shell Nebulae N70 and N185," by Zhang, Chu, Williams, Jiang, Chen & Gruendl. A preprint is online at . The paper describes two large interstellar shells of gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy. These shells show signs of shock-heated gas, but are very large for the usual source of such shocks: supernova remnants, the expanding material from the supernova explosions of high-mass stars. We conclude that one, N70, is a larger structure known as a "superbubble" recently re-energized by an internal supernova. The other, N185, is consistent with an old, highly evolved supernova remnant, possibly one that took place inside the area cleared by a much older remnant.


Better Late Than Never! Maymester 2012 video has been completed. You can watch it here!

And if this left you feeling a little nostalgic, you can also watch the Maymester 2011 video!

A great deal of gratitude goes out to alumna Cheryl Wilkes Coker for managing to get get this video completed while finishing her MS at Auburn University.


ESS Students Summer Experience Blog- 3 ESS students who are off this summer pursuing internship and research opportunities around the globe.

John Hood - radioastronomy at Curtin University in Australia

Cameron McCarty - NASA intern with the Citizens for Space Exploration program in Washington D.C.

Jeannie Patrick - volcanic landscape evolution in Arizona at Northern Arizona University

Follow them on their blog at...


CCSSC Assists with Midland Academy's Science Night 5/14/14- Local elementary school, Midland Academy, hosted a Science Night on Wednesday, May 14th. Cameron, James, and Mike from the CCSSC spent the evening demonstrating how telescopes work and amazing students, parents, and even teachers with the Starlab Planetarium.

science night


ESS End of the Year Cookout 5/6/14- The end of the year ESS cookout was held on Tuesday, May 6. All students who have, or will be graduating in the 13/14 school year were celebrated at this event, and The Ramon G. Young Memorial Grant, established by Dr. Dennis Young last year in memory of his father, was awarded to Jeannie Patrick.

cookout  cookout


Structural Geology Field Trip 5/2/14-5/4/14- Dr. Barineau led his Structural Geology class on a three day field trip through Alabama and Georgia. The trip included several sites that would be excellent research opportunities for undergraduate students, and a mapping project in Cheaha State Park.

struct  struct  struct


ESS Hosts Baby Shower 4/30/14- ESS students and faculty hosted a baby shower for grad student Chris Stanford and alumna Sam Stanford who will soon be welcoming a little girl into their lives.

babyshower  babyshower  babyshower  babyshower


Reptile Fest at Oxbow Meadows 4/26/14- Oxbow Meadows hosted the 13th annual Reptile Fest on Saturday, April 26. In addition to snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises, alumnus Don Osborne demonstrated the new, laboratory grade stream table at the facility. Several ESS students volunteered at the event, helping to make it a success.

reptilefest  reptilefest  oxbow osbourne  reptilefest 

ESS Student John Hood Invited to Curtin University in Perth Australia- 4/26/14- John Hood, an ESS Astrophysics and Planetary Geology major and CCSSC student assistant has been invited to tour Curtin University in Perth, Austrailia. While there he will be meeting with the PhD committees to possibly discuss future enrollment as well as possible research projects. John met professor Carole Jackson of Curtin University in January at the 223rd American Astronomical Society Conference and spoke with her daily about her research of radio galaxies at the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy. This opportunity shows that hard work and dedication to your education open doors all over the world.


ESS Student Cameron McCarty has Photo Featured on AGAIN! 4/26/14- Cameron McCarty, an ESS Astrophysics & Planetary Geology major and CCSSC student assistant has had his worked featured as the Astronomy Picture of the Day. The image of the annular solar eclipse was captured last May. This is the second time Cameron's work has been featured as the Astronomy Picture of the Day at

mccarty eclipse

SSW Lindsey Creek Clean-Up 4/25/14- Several members of SSW (Students for a Sustainable World) got together on Friday morning to take on the job of cleaning up Lindsey Creek. Wearing galoshes and waders, the students trudged through the creek collecting discarded bottles, bags, and even old building materials. In the end they removed 1000 lbs of garbage from Lindsey Creek! Great job!

ssw lindsey creek  ssw lindsey creek


OneCSU Sustainability Fair 4/22/14- OneCSU (Creating a Sustainable YoU), a campaign to create awareness about the importance of sustainability and highlight events on and off campus that have a clear link to sustainability, was held at the CSU clock tower on Earth Day. Participants included Oxbow Meadows, The Nature Conservancy, The Columbus Water Works, and many more. Afterward, several volunteers took part in the Earth Day 5K.

one csu one csu one csu

one csu  one csu  one csu

one csu one csu one csu


Students of the Year Named at CSU Scholastic Honors Convocation 4/18/14
Students receiving top awards in their respective academic programs were:
Physics- Cameron McCarty
Geology- Wenonah 'Jeannie' Patrick
Engineering- Juan Silva
Environmental Science- Chris Stanford

ESS Student Named Student Employee of the Year- 4/15/14 ESS senior John Hood was awarded CSU's Student Employee of the Year, 2014! Congratulations, John, for a job well done!

hood student employee of the year

ESS students and faculty fully represented at Tower Day 2014- 4/15/14 Several students presented research at CSU's Tower Day 2014. In addition, several faculty members came out to support these students and their work. Presenters included

Buffy Cook and Kayla Griffin
"What is Brooksella?"

cook griffin schwimmer

John Hood
"Broadening Our Horizons"


Jeremy Miller, John Hood, and Nick Carpenter
"Excavating the Stellar Graveyard: Searching for Supernova Remnants in the LMC"

carpenter hood miller

Nick Carpenter, James Sanford, Cameron McCarty, Austin Caughey, and Johnny Brown
"Academic Enrichment Through Solar Astronomy"


And John Hood, Hunter Hall, Robert Reynoso, Larry Williamson
"The Klaw: Censored Glove Controlled Robotic Hand"

the KLAW

Congratulations to all our ESS students and thank you to all the faculty that has supported them in their research!

ess group


Congratulations to our Earth and Space Sciences undergraduate and graduate students for their presentations at the Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America in Blacksburg, VA this past week.  The Geological Society of America is one of the largest professional geology societies in the world and the annual meeting of the Southeastern Section attracts several hundred researchers each year.  We had a group of 9 students and 2 faculty at the meeting, with undergraduate presentations by...

Wenonah 'Jeannie' Patrick
"Effective Use of a Low-cost Spiral Panning Machine for Zircon Separation"

patrick gsa

Salvador Espinosa, Rylleigh Harstad and Ridge Smenner
"Mapping and Structural Analysis across Emuckfaw Group - Wedowee Group Contacts in the Eastern Blue Ridge of Alabama"

smenner, harstad, espinosa

Salvador Espinosa (with coauthor and CSU alumnus Austin Sagul)
"Refining the Age, Petrology and Tectonic Setting of Paleozoic Plutons in the Eastern Blue Ridge of Alabama"

 ...and graduate presentations by...

Daniel Black (with coauthor and CSU alumus Don Osborne)
"Long-lived Upper Cretaceous Paleodrainage System in the U.S. Southwestern Georgia - Southeastern Alabama Region"

black gsa

Chris Stanford
"Macro-Charcoal Analysis of Sediment Cores to Determine Fire Use Among Historic and Prehistoric Cultures, Chattahoochee River Valley, Eastern Alabama"

These students worked hard on their research and presentations and did a great job of representing our department and CSU at this meeting.

va teck geoscience museum free pizza with Ron wallace aipg pizza aipg mike lawless
While at the Southeastern GSA Conference, CSU students visited the Geoscience Museum at Virginia Tech and joined Ron Wallace and Mike Lawless of AIPG for pizza.


ESS Undergrad presents at National Conference of Undergraduate Research in Lexington, Kentucky- 4/9/14 Joel Roop-Eckart, an ESS undergrad, presented a poster presentation on using trace element analysis to assess tectonic discrimination on Ordivician metavolcanics in the southern Appalachians at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

roop eckart ncur


AIPG Georgia Section President Speaks at Lunch Seminar 4/03/2014 On Thursday, April 3, AIPG Georgia Section President Ron Wallace presented information on finding a career in geoscience during the Lunch Seminar. The presentation was very informative, and included details about the rise in geoscience job opportunities in the next 7-10 years. At the end of the presentation, Ron awarded a student scholarship to graduate student Daniel Black, and a check to assist in group activities to the CSU AIPG Student Chapter.

aipg sal

ESS Student Awarded AIPG Georgia Section Student Scholarship 4/03/2014
Daniel Black, an Environmental Science graduate student, is one of six student scholarship winners for 2014. See more...

d black aipg scholarship


Upcoming Registration: Classes to Consider! Geology of Georgia with Dr. Frazier, Summer 2014
This course is designed to introduce students to the general geology of Georgia, including the major geologic provinces, the rocks and structures found in each, and the geologic history of the state. Additionally, the class will explore how Georgia"s geologic history fits into that of the southeastern United States.

geology ga1 geo ga 2 geo ga3

Maymester Geology Trip with Dr. Barineau, May 2014
Courses offered this year as part of the trip will include GEOL1112/1112L, GEOL1121/1121L, GEOL3225, ASTR1105 and COMM1110 - in addition to both undergraduate and graduate special topics courses for those interested.

maymester mmstr maymester


Geomorphology weekend trip to The Great Smoky Mountains
Dr. Roger Brown's Geomorphology class spent a weekend camping in The Great Smoky Mountains. The focus of this trip was to see the results of several mass wasting events and waterfalls. Sites visited included the Fall Creek Falls and Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

gsm gsm group falls cr fall


Dr. David Schwimmer discusses coprolites at CSU Faculty Forum
Dr. David Schwimmer presented his research on 70-million-year-old piece of shark poop that showed the shark's last meal was a baby turtle at the Faculty Forum.

schwimmer faculty forum


Daytrip to Providence Canyon 3/10/14- Dr. David Schwimmer led the Historical Geology class on a field trip to Providence Canyon, otherwise known as Georgia's 'Little Grand Canyon". This yearly trip focuses on the the Clayton, Providence, and Ripley formations, as well as explaining how poor farming practices expedited the erosional process and exposed millions of years of geologic history.

schwimmer providence providence


ESS student accepts summer internship at Northern Arizona University
Jeannie Patrick, an ESS geology student, has accepted an internship opportunity at NAU to work with Dr. Kirk Anderson on soil chronology and formation from cinder cones.

AstroCam the Space Man Live!-SCIENCE! 3/1/14- During the month of March, the CCSSC will provide a series of hands on, interactive science experiences for children of all ages. In the first presentation, AstroCam The Space Man (otherwise known as our very own ESS Astronomy Major, Cameron McCarty) engaged a group of children as they learned about energy. Future presentation will center around light, sound, magnetism and robotics.

Find more information about March Mad Science at the CCSSC here.



ESS Students receive Student RACE Grants for research
Student RACE Grants for the spring 2014 semester were awarded to four students in the ESS program. Recipients are PJ Perry (undergraduate, geology), Joel Roop-Eckart (undergraduate, geology), Jeannie Patrick (undergraduate, geology), and Marisa Naciuk (graduate, environmental science).

ESS Students attend 223rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington D.C.
Nick Carpenter, John Hood, and Cameron McCarty. along with Dr. Rosa Williams, attended the 223rd meeting of the AAS to present a poster on  the ongoing educational outreach being done by CSU CCSSC's MeadWestvaco Observatory. The group introduced the new web-based program, RISO (Realtime Interactive Solar Observatory) that will allow students and educators from across the globe to log into the website and remotely control the new telescope. During the meeting, the group met with many great professors from different universities, and they attended a speech by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson about science in modern culture.

aas 223 meeting
Pictured above: Nick Carpenter, John Hood, Dr. Rosa Williams, and Cameron McCarty at the 223rd AAS meeting.

Dr. Warren Church awarded spring 2014 Interdisciplinary Initiative Grant
Dr. Warren Church, Professor of Anthropology, along with faculty from Health and Education, Computer Science, and Art was awarded one of two Interdisciplinary Initiative Grants from CSU's Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. Their project proposes to design an interactive timeline of the Creek Nation in the greater Chattahoochee Valley area for use in K-12 education.

ESS Student's Work with NASA Featured
Cameron McCarty, an ESS Astrophysics & Planetary Geology major and CCSSC student assistant, is currently working a semester internship with Dr. Bill Cooke at NASA's Meteoroids Environment Office, Marshall Spaceflight Center. As part of their work on the near Earth environment, they are tracking Comet ISON as it approaches the Sun and monitoring the way in which it is shedding material.

Today on NASA's Comet ISON page (link below), Cameron's image of the famous comet, taken using NASA's robotic telescope in NM, is the lead image in their gallery.

Dr. David Schwimmer garners national publicity for his presentation at a recent national science meeting in Los Angeles.
David Schwimmer, a paleontologist in CSU's Department of Earth and Space Sciences, was the co-author on a study of a 70-million-year-old piece of shark poop that showed the shark's last meal was a baby turtle. Read more...

Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America
October 27th-30th - Dr. Clint Barineau, CSU graduate student Daniel Black and former CSU geology undergraduate Austin Sagul (now a graduate student at the University of Florida) presented the results of their research in the southern Appalachians at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of American in Denver, CO on October 30th, 2013.  Their posters, A Synthesis of Recent Contributions in Southern Appalachian Mapping, Geochemistry and Geochronology of Laurentian Margin Rocks: Parts 1 and 2, detail the latest developments in our understanding of the geologic history of North America based on analysis of rocks in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina.  The poster was co-authored by geologists from Columbus State University, Florida State University, the University of Florida and the U.S. Geological Survey.  Portions of each poster include undergraduate senior thesis work conducted by Daniel and Austin as part of a National Science Foundation funded research project.

austin sagul     daniel black

AIPG Field Trip: Graves Mountain
On October 5 2013, members of the CSU AIPG Student Chapter went on a day-trip to Graves Mountain in Lincoln County, Georgia. The trip was coordinated by Sal Espinosa, CSU Chapter President, and Ron Wallace, National President.

Members of the CSU student Chapter pose with AIPG President, Ron Wallace at Graves Mountain.

CSU Students Place First at Regional EPA Youth Symposium
Environmental science graduate students at Columbus State University took first place recently at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Region 4 Environmental Youth Symposium in Atlanta. Read more...

Ramon G. Young Memorial Grant Awarded
The Ramon G. Young Memorial Grant, established by Dr. Dennis Young in memory of his father, Ramon G. Young, was awarded to Buffy Cook and Erin Phillips on October 2, 2013. The grant, in the amount of $500, is awarded to two geology students who have demonstrated academic commitment to the program and are actively involved in department events and organizations.

Dr. Dennis Young presents the Ramon G. Young Memorial Grant to Erin Phillips and Buffy Cook.

AIPG Tours IMERYS Kaolinite Mine
On September 28, 2013 members of the CSU Student Chapter of AIPG along with other schools in the area toured the IMERYS Kaolinite plant in Andersonville, GA. The trip was coordinated by Ron Wallace, President of AIPG, and hosted by Robin Dozier, the Operations Manager for the mine.

dozier_imerys cook_smith_heavymachinery group
1) Robin Dozier discusses mine operation with students. 2) Buffy Cook and Kayla Smith pose with some heavy machinery. 3) Students from three schools toured the mine.

Julymester, 2013: Cascade Volcanic Arc Field Trip
In July, 2013, Drs. Barineau and Cruzen led a group of 7 students on a two week trip through the Cascades. The trip included Mt. St. Helens, Crater Lake, Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, Bend Oregon, and the Oregon Coast.


Graduation Spring 2013:
The Earth Space Science department is proud to have conferred five Bachelor of Science degrees this Spring Commencement.

The Bachelor of Science degree recipients are:

  • Daniel Black: BS in Earth Space Science-Geology Track.
    Daniel is currently working towards a Masters of Science and working as a teaching assistant at Columbus State University.
  • Don Osborne: BS in Earth Space Science-Geology Track, magna cum laude
  • Matthew Perry: BS in Earth Space Science-Astrophysics and Planetary Geology Track, summa cum laude.
    Matthew is currently working toward a Masters of Science and working as a teaching assistant at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.
  • Austin Sagul: BS in Earth Space Science-Geology Track.
    Austin is currently working toward a Masters of Science and working as a teaching assistant at Florida State University.
  • Bryan Victor: BS in Earth Space Science-Geology Track.
    Graduates Bryan Victor, Don Osborne, and Matthew Perry. Photo Credit: Columbus Ledger Enquirer

AIPG Georgia Section Scholarship awarded to Jeannie Patrick
March, 2013- Ron Wallace, President of AIPG, visited the CSU campus to award the Georgia Section Scholarship in the amount of $500 to Jeannie Patrick. Jeannie was nominated for the award by faculty members in the ESS department.

Dr. Clint Barineau named Columbus State University's 2013 Educator of the Year
Barineau, an associate professor of geology in CSU's Department of Earth and Space Sciences, received the award during Friday afternoon's 2013 Scholastic Honors Convocation on Columbus State's main campus. Read more...

Dr. Clint Barineau and Geologists from Florida State University Lead Two-Day Field Trip
In December 2012, Dr. Clint Barineau and geologists from Florida State University led a two-day professional field trip in conjunction with the Alabama Geological Society Annual Meeting. The field trip, which included more than 40 geologists from industry, government, and academia focused on the Paleozoic evolution of the Alabama Blue Ridge, including recent developments in interpretation of the tectonic history of the Talladega and Ashland-Wedowee-Emuckfaw belts.

Graduation Fall 2012:  The Earth Space Science department is proud to have conferred three Bachelor of Science degrees, and five Master of Environmental Science degrees during this Fall Commencement.

The Bachelor of Science degree recipients are:

  • Katherine Cannon: BS in Earth Space Science-Geology Track.
  • Zachary Edwards: BS in Earth Space Science-Astrophysics and Planetary Geology Track, summa cum laude.
    Zach Edwards Honors
  • Emily Randall: BS in Earth Space Science-Geology Track, magna cum laude
    emily randal

Mr. Edwards and Ms. Randall graduated with academic honors and  completed the additional requirements of Columbus State's Honors program; Honoris Causa is designed for academically talented students committed to engaging in their discipline through experiential learning and creative scholarship.  Their participation signifies not only high academic performance, but also participation in student-generated service projects and additional undergraduate research projects.

The Master of Environmental Science recipients are:

  • Alicia Michelle Garcia
  • Melissa K. M. Nestor
  • William Thurman Nutt
  • Jennifer Kristin Silvers
  • Elizabeth Petermann

Maymester 2012 : Yellowstone Field Trip
In May, 2012, Drs. Barineau, Brown, Cruzen, and Frazier led a group of 28 graduate and undergraduate students to regions of geologic interest in the northern Rocky Mountains including: the Great Salt Lake, Arches National Park, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. This trip allowed students to earn credit hours in both introductory geology and upper level courses in the geology of North America and also provided students with valuable skills associated with field procedures.

Faculty Research:  Dr. David Schwimmer coauthored an article recently published in PLOS One, a web based peer reviewed journal.  His research along with scientists from the Museum of Natural History in Paris, and the American Museum of Natural History, examines the phylogenetic characteristics of Megalocoelacanthus dobiei, an Upper Cretaceous Coelacanth.  The findings help support that coelacanths experienced a wider range of morphologies and ecologies than previously thought, and also earlier in their evolutionary history.  The full article can be found at PLOS One:

Graduate Research:  Earlier this year Sandra Neufeldt, a graduate student in Columbus State's Environmental Science Masters program presented her research on dam distribution and associated impact on the watershed connectivity of the Piedmont and Southeastern Plains regions of Georgia. By the use of GIS mapping methods she was able to quantify both dam distribution and stream order placement. The data goes on to show the influence of dams upon higher order streams in both urbanized and agricultural areas, based upon the land use.

November 2012:  Dr. David Schwimmer led a combined Sedimentary Geology and Fossil Record field trip to Cloudland Canyon, Georgia.  Students examined Mississippian and Pennsylvanian limestone formations throughout the region, and also the related fossils of the period.

Cloudland canyon Trilobite schwimmer student limestone

October 2012:  Dr. David Schwimmer, presented his research at the 72nd Annual Meeting Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The research focused on the Late Cretaceous vertebrates of the Hannahatchee Creek site in Western Georgia, and was part of the Cretaceous Faunas of Appalachia symposium at the conference.

June/July 2012:  GeoCorps internships, this summer three Columbus State University ESS majors were accepted to internships with the Federal Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service. The three CSU students were selected from a highly competitive candidate pool of applicants nationwide. Kate Lodder, was assigned to the Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.  Her work was part of the park's public outreach program, by working with the park's educational programs she conducted lectures to the public.  Danny Redding was assigned to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota.  Danny's work focused on  the cataloging and excavation of fossils in the region.  Alex Colon worked at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Alex worked with the U.S. Geologic Survey conducting activities using GIS to mapping erosion events in the region.  These internships provide unique opportunities to experience real world application of the methods learned in the classroom. For more information visit

July 2012:  Columbus State University's Coca-Cola Space science Center received a main engine nozzle from NASA.  The $15 million dollar nozzle that the center will exhibit has flown to space nine times and on all four shuttles in service during its lifetime – Atlantis (three times), Discovery (twice), Endeavour (once) and Columbia (three times). It was involved in 39 total engine starts — 24 for development and testing, three for engine certification and 12 actual launch-pad firings, including a flight readiness firing before Endeavour's maiden voyage and two launch-pad aborts.

AIPG Awards Scholarships to Two CSU Geology Students
March, 2014- Ron Wallace, the representative for the Georgia Section of AIPG, visited the CSU campus to award the Georgia Section Scholarship in the amount of $500 to Cheryl Wilkes and the AIPG Annual Scholarship in the amount of $1000 to Don Osborne. Cheryl was nominated by ESS faculty and Don recieved the scholarship from winning the essay contest.

June 2011: Dr. Bill Frazier, who is scheduled to take over in July 2011 as Chair of the ESS Department, has established a Twitter account (BillFrazierESS) and an ESS Department Blog so that people can keep up with recent events and activities in the Department.

May 2011: Dr. Clint Barineau and Dr. Shawn Cruzen ran a Maymester combined Geology and Weather course in which students traveled cross-country to study the different geological regions of the southern United States, up to the Rocky Mountains.  See video of the trip compiled by geology major Cheryl Wilkes!

Spring 2011: ESS faculty successfully proposed two new programs within the ESS department, adding an Environmental Science track to our B.S. in Earth and Space Science degree.  They also transformed our pre-Engineering program into a full Associate Degree in Engineering Studies.

Summer 2010:  Dr. Zodiac Webster held a two-week, NASA-funded  teacher training GEARS seminar in teaching astronomy for Georgia Teachers. Over 20 attended for this site. They performed a series of projects that both helped their own professional development, and gave them material to work over with their students.  It introduced them to resources such as the Mead Observatory's Remote Imaging Solar Observatory (RISO), spectroscopic tubes, online data repositories and analysis tools, and much more. The purpose was to give the teachers tools they need to begin or improve Astronomy courses, or to include Astronomy as part of a general science course.

Summer 2010: Dr. Rosa Williams, with students Michal Johnson, Kate Lodder and Zach Edwards,  worked to implement a new version of the Magellanic Clouds Supernova Remnant Database (MCSNR DB).    This database is the result of a long-term research project on the properties of MC supernova remnants, highly collaborative (see the webpage) and consisting of data at multiple wavelengths. It has already been cited in two papers submitted to a refereed journal (Badenes et al. 2010) and once in a paper on which Dr. Williams collaborated (Klimek et al. 2010).   A paper describing the results tabulated in the database is in preparation.

ESS Newsletter for March 2010

Older news, newsletters and photos:  News Archive

ESS students with tyson


Cam NASA Internship

mead scope

graves mtn tea pond








muddy boots