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Engineering: Regents' Engineering Pathways Program (REPP)

This is a two-year engineering transfer program that provides admission to Georgia Tech, University of Georgia , Kennesaw State University ,Georgia Southern University and Mercer University's engineering programs upon fulfillment of the requirements of each institute.

The REPP provides Columbus State students the ability to complete two to three years of engineering courses, general core classes, computer programming courses, mathematics courses from Calculus I to Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, two semesters of calculus-based Principles of Physics, and two semesters of Principles of Chemistry at Columbus State University, then transfer to a 4-year engineering program at a set of universities in Georgia to complete their engineering degrees.

Institutions & their degree offered.


Degrees Offered

Georgia Institute of Technology

Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical and Biomolecular, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Materials Science, Mechanical, Nuclear and Radiological
University of Georgia Agricultural, Biochemical, Biological, Civil, Computer Systems, Electrical and Electronics, Environmental, Mechanical
Kennesaw State University Apparel and Textiles, Civil, Construction, Electrical, Environmental, Manufacturing Operations, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Supply Chain Logistics, Surveying and Mapping, Systems
Georgia Southern University Civil, Construction Management, Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical
Mercer University Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, Industrial Management, Technical Communication
Recommended Course Outline
Check the Engineering Studies program checklist to see the recommended course of study for your time at CSU.

Dual degree program

Through an agreement with Columbus State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, students may complete a specified three-year program of study at CSU, and then attend Georgia Tech for approximately two years to receive two Bachelor's degrees.

Associate of Science

The proposed Associate of Science degree in Engineering Studies will allow students following these programs to earn an associate degree before transferring. This general-purpose degree program will take approximately two years to complete. It is consistent with other similar degrees offered across the University System. Students are required to take mathematics and science sequences in core areas A through E. Additional requirements include the courses Introduction to Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Computing for Engineers and any engineering courses in the 2000 sequence. A minimum of 63 credit hours are required for graduations.

Certificate in Robotics

Columbus State University provides many of the fundamental courses common to the first two years of an engineering program. The required courses emphasize fundamentals that are applicable to engineering as a whole and concepts and generalizations that are expected to remain vital for an extended time. Specific engineering courses include: introduction to engineering professions, engineering graphics and CAD, statics, dynamics, deformable bodies, thermodynamics, and electrical circuits and computing for engineers and digital logic. Additional courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, humanities, and social sciences are required.
After completing the program at CSU, students are transferred to institutions mentioned in REPP or to any other engineering schools to complete the requirements leading to a B.S. degree in engineering.