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Department of Earth
and Space Sciences

Earth & Space Sciences B. S. Degree - Astrophysics and Planetary Geology Track

bannerAstrophysics is the study of planets, stars, galaxies and the universe itself & Planetary Geology is the study of planets beyond Earth, and to an extent the study of Earth as a planet.

Career opportunities

Majoring in a physical science, such as our Astrophysics and Planetary Geology degree, sets you up for a wealth of possible careers because you will become an excellent problem solver. Working for or with NASA as they move into the 2010s and beyond is only one of the many possibilities. People with similar degrees also work as writers, doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

Did you know...
  • ... that Physics degree holders are in the top 2 scoring groups of majors on the MCAT (2003 statistics)?
  • ... that NASA expects not to have enough people to replace those who will be retiring in the next 20 years?
  • ... that NASA funds missions to study the Earth as well as to study astronomical objects?
  • ... that movies often employ scientists as consultants?
  • ... that news outlets need science journalists?
  • ... that astronomical image processing and medical image processing were very similar skills?
  • ... members of Congress often hire staffers with scientific backgrounds?
  • ... that patent lawyers need a technical background?

Becoming an Astrophysics and Planetary Geology major will open up a world (or even a universe!) of possibilities for you after you leave Columbus State!

Curriculum for B.S. Degree in Earth and Space Science, Astronomy and Planetary Geology Track